As an establishment ingrained within a community consisting of people from all walks of life, we hope that everyone can feel welcome and safe patronizing our venue. In order to ensure all of our guests’ safety we have established the following rules.

– A zero-tolerance policy on hateful, sexist, racist, homophobic, and transphobic actions or speech, as well as unwanted sexual conduct or misbehaviours.

-Alcoholic beverages should be consumed in a responsible manner. Intoxicated patrons will be refused further service of alcohol and if necessary, removed from the premises in a safe manner.

-Any harmful acts such as violence, intimidation, bullying, theft, etc. are prohibited and will result in removal from the premises.

We will be implementing policies and procedures regarding any issues that are reported to staff or management to ensure the safety of patrons.

These rules and guidelines are for the protection of all patrons, staff, and performers. We reserve the right to remove any patron for any reason. If you observe behavior which does not meet this Code of Conduct, please contact a staff member or reach us at:

(204) 615-2977


The Handsome Daughter