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Spooky Eyes, Notme, House Panther, Pinc Lincolns

January 25 @ 10:00 pm


Big Fun Festival 2018 presents:

Spooky Eyes:
Spooky Eyes is Winnipeg’s newest indie pop band, fronted by Alannah Walker of Cannon Bros. The band is rounded out by members of Animal Teeth, Tunic and their pal Brendon.

​Grown from Isiah Schellenberg’s bedroom project to a full band effort, sad-pop band Notme is flipping the downside up and putting the sparkle in your tears. Equally washed out and jangled – will you weep or will you sway? This is a house party with the lights out and everyone is here to stay.

​housepanther is a project started by Bailee Woods, a singer-songwriter squaring off head to head with shoegaze. Whimsical, yet self-aware, housepanther is power pop for the anxious people of this lovely bleak world.

​The Pinc Lincolns:
​Through trial and triumph The Pinc Lincolns have managed to maintain the devil-may-care demeanor of their house party roots. Like a wheel on fire wobbling down the road, The Pinc Lincolns are not totally directionless – but leave in their wake a trail of melted tar making the black top that much blacker. Somewhere between the city limits and the horizon line, between the mule and ox, between keeping it together and utterly falling apart: eyes peeled and open wide.

Doors 9:45pm
Music at 10:30pm
$10 at the door



January 25
10:00 pm